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Abigail Godsall

Abigail Godsall

Welsh Gymnastics have plenty of reason to celebrate as our talented athletes showcased their skills in both Acro and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics competitions at the Caledonia Cup.

In the Acro competition, our teams displayed exceptional teamwork and dedication, earning awards that reflect their hard work. The Youth Mixed Pair, Riley Rogers and Esme Roberts, clinched the top spot with a well-deserved gold medal, highlighting their precision and synchronisation on the floor. Additionally, the Youth Women’s Group, Lucy Lewis, Lowri Clarke and Amelia-May David, showcased their skills and secured themselves a commendable third place finish.

Not to be outdone, our IDP2 Women’s Groups demonstrated remarkable talent and resilience, with Ella Mai Davies, Emily Hall and Daisy Calo claiming a silver medal and Lili Gray, Tesni Pugh and Charlotte Barley earning the bronze. These achievements highlight the outstanding team effort, dedication, and calibre of our Acro athletes.

In the Men’s Artistic competition, despite facing initial challenges, our young team embraced the opportunity to learn and grow, turning setbacks into valuable lessons. While a few falls on the first day of competition prevented them from securing the bronze medal, their perseverance and determination shone through, setting the stage for a promising future.

In the individual apparatus finals, our male gymnasts showcased exceptional skills, with Jed Lewis capturing a bronze medal on the floor and securing a silver medal on the vault, demonstrating his technical proficiency. Sammy Cotters impressive performance on the rings earned him a very well-deserved bronze medal, displaying his impressive strength. Additionally, Ewan Leask showcased his talent on the high bar, clinching a bronze medal on the apparatus and further solidifying the Welsh team’s success.

These achievements not only highlight the individual talent of our gymnasts but also underscore the collective effort and support of our coaching staff and supporters. The dedication, perseverance, and sportsmanship displayed by our athletes reflect the values at the core of Welsh Gymnastics.

As we celebrate these accomplishments, we look forward to continued growth, success, and camaraderie within our gymnastics community. Congratulations to all our athletes on their outstanding performances.

Full competition results can be found here.

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