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Abigail Godsall

Abigail Godsall

As the prestigious European Championships draw near, excitement is building, and the Welsh Gymnasts are ready to perform. Four remarkable Welsh athletes have secured their spots on the international stage and are preparing to represent Great Britain at the upcoming championships.

Leading the charge on the women’s senior team is Ruby Evans, a seasoned competitor who competed in last years World Championships where she was the first Welsh gymnast to be selected for the world championships since 2006. Now, she’s gearing up to make her mark once again in Rimini, Italy. With her experience and skill, Evans is set to impress on the European stage.

Ellie Lewis and Jemima Taylor, two of Wales’ rising stars have been named to the women’s junior team. This is a debut for both of them, marking a significant milestone in their gymnastics journey. Their selection speaks volumes about their dedication and talent and they’re ready to shine bright on the international stage in Rimini.

In addition to our Welsh women’s selection, Elliot Vernon has been selected as a reserve for the British men’s junior team.

All four gymnasts have been turning heads with their stand out performances in recent domestic competitions, earning them well-deserved spots on their respective teams.

As we count down to the championships, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ruby Evans, Ellie Lewis, Jemima Taylor, and Elliot Vernon. They’ve earned their spots through hard work and dedication, and now it’s time to show the world what they’re made of. Best of luck to the entire British team as they embark on their journey to the European Championships.

See the schedule for the women’s artistic event here, and access the men’s artistic schedule here.

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